Annodised Aluminum Tags

  • 39x13x0.5mm (optional)
  • Black print
  • Acetone activated adhesive
  • Minimum Order Quantity of 100 tags

Silver VOID Labels

  • 42×12.7mm or 50x25mm
  • Black print
  • Peel and Stick
  • Minimum Order Quantity of 100 tags

Flexible UHF RFID Labels

  • On and Off Metal
  • 95x22x1.2mm/ 65x36x1.2mm 55x15x1.2mm
  • Printed and coded
  • Minimum Order Quantity of 100 tags

UHF RFID Paper Labels

  • Off metal use only
  • 74x24mm/95x15mm and other
  • Printed and coded
  • Minimum Order Quantity of 100 tags

2D Barcode PDA

  • 2D Barcode PDA
  • Android OS
  • 3G, WIFI
  • Cradle, power supply


  • UHF PDA RFID Reader
  • Android OS
  • 0.5-1m Range
  • Cradle, power supply, screen protector


  • UHF RFID Reader
  • Android OS
  • 2-5m Range
  • Cradle, power supply, pistol grip

UHF RFID Sled Reader

  • UHF Sled and PDA
  • Android OS
  • 2-8m Range
  • Sled, PDA and power supply

Taggit Assets – Entry Level Barcode Package

  • 12 month 1000 Asset Taggit Assets Subscription
  • 1000 Printed Silver VOID Labels (42×12.7mm)
  • 2D Barcode Reader

Taggit Assets – Entry Level RFID Package

  • 12 month 1000 Asset Taggit Assets Subscription
  • 500 RFID Labels & 500 On-Metal labels
  • UHF RFID PDA Reader

Terms and Conditions

  • For our corporate clients, our site does not make use of eCommerce facilities. We process quotes and orders through the order links and we will send you an invoice for EFT payment.
  • Label printing and hardware lead time dependent on stock availability.
  • Payment is due before goods and licenses will be supplied.
  • All pricing excludes delivery fees and VAT.
  • We have a 30-day money back guarantee on software, no returns on damaged hardware or printed labels.
  • Errors and omissions excepted.


When using Taggit Assets we recommend a dedicated Android OS smartphone with the following minimum features:

  • Auto-Focus
  • 8MP Camera


Can I use my own Android smartphone?

Yes, most Android devices have an installed barcode scanner that uses the devices camera. However, depending on your device specifications, your Android smartphone may not offer the most streamlined approach to scanning and capturing data. please consider the following:

Security – When using a smartphone to scan and audit assets, the data that your employees are capturing and transmitting to the database needs to be kept secure. Since images taken of your scanned assets are stored on the device memory, the device should be secured. A dedicated smartphone would be best suited for this application.
Ease of Use – When using a smartphone that is not equipped with an auto-focus camera, the user has to manually focus the barcode (i.e. move the phone to adjust the focus) in order to complete the scan. This can take some time due to lighting conditions. An auto-focus camera allows fast and detailed scanning of barcodes.

Can I use my standard Apple smartphone?

No, at this time Taggit Assets is only available on the Android platform.